Improving Your SEO With Content: Ideas From Semalt

Local SEO no longer deals with optimizing your site alone. It also involves maintaining a healthy relationship with your online community and having a strong online presence through your site and social media. Social media have become a perfect platform for the interaction with your customers.

In 2009, Google started working on integrating social media data in its organic search algorithm. This means that linking your site and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will result in greater engagement and site visits. As a result, your site will be ranked higher.

For local businesses, all the details including hours of operation, date, and pricing should be up to date. The Customer Success Manager of Semalt, Frank Abagnale gives the ideas that will help you to improve your website and social media presence in order to reach higher engagement and ranking

1. Add a Blog to Your Website

A blog is essential for any website. Use it to post the latest information about your products and services, your clients and the local community. To make the blog interactive, considering the following ideas.

Add Photos and Stories of Customers That Are Loyal To Your Business

Ask the customers about their experience and recommendations to improve your services. After this, publish the interview and photos on your blog. Get their permission before you publish. Post the story on the various social media platforms and provide a link to your blog post. This is a good way to engage your customers. They will feel appreciated.

Post Pictures of Your Business at Different Times

Post the pictures periodically and describe them. Post the same photos to your social media platforms and also provide a link back to your site. Use the photos to update your Google My Business, Yahoo local and Bing Places photos.

Feature a particular product or entry

Doing this regularly helps to keep your customers updated about your services.

Post a Horror Story Related to Your Business

Let's say you are a dry cleaner, post about a very dirty dress that you washed. Write the story of how that dress got dirty and so on. A business cannot miss a 'horror story'. Look for one and post about it on your blog and then share it on social media.

2. Connect with The Influential People from Your Community

Use your social media pages to connect with prominent people like celebrities in your area. Interact with them through sharing their posts etc. These local personalities can help to market your product and services. When they reply to your comment etc, some people could see it as an endorsement.

3. Make Viral Posts

When you create something that goes viral on social media, many people will feel interesting in your business or company. People will start searching for your business and search engines will identify it as a result.

4. Connect with Your Online Community

Use local events to connect with your community. Post about events happening in your neighborhood on social media and the blog. Fans are likely to share the posts making many people aware of your business/ company. You could also add a local events calendar to your website. Make sure that it is updated regularly.

For Local SEO to be successful, optimize it for a higher ranking on search engines and then create fresh content for your blog and social media posts. Engaging with clients on social media leads to higher traffic to your site and hence a higher ranking on search engines.

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